Uzbekistan Airways has received one of the two Airbus A320 Neo aircrafts it had ordered, the carrier said in a statement. The A320 Neos accommodate 150 passengers in two classes (business class – 12, economy class – 138). A320 Neo family is a development of the A320 family of narrow-body airliners.

The Neo-series has been designed to provide significantly lower fuel consumption and lower operating costs through more modern engines, aerodynamic refinements, large curved winglets, known as sharklets and weight savings, with the flight range increased from 4500 to 6500 km, which will allow covering the whole Central European region.

The contract for the supply of two Airbus A320 Neos was signed in 2017, with the delivery of the second aircraft due in late March.

The national carrier is currently operating three Boeing 787 Dreamliners, will receive two Dreamliners this year, and then the sixth Dreamliner in early 2020. The company will then become the leading operator of this type of aircraft in the CIS countries.

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