From the times of Alexander the Great, to the imposing armies of the 19th centuries, Uzbekistan has always drawn people from far and wide. For anyone who knows about Uzbekistan, it’s easy to understand – bright colors, intricate patterns, rich flavors and warm people await every visitor in Uzbekistan. Traces still remain of great empires that have long since blown away with the sands of time, while modern life grows and develops into new directions.

This means that there’s more in Uzbekistan than a single person can explore in a lifetime. Whether you crave a night in the vast serenity of a desert plateau or a walk through the streets of history, there’s sure to be something to strike your fancy. Tourism in Uzbekistan is all about explore what you’re interested in – you’ll be sure to find it here.

Certainly, much of the tourism in Uzbekistan is usually associated with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in SamarkandBukhara, and Khiva. And while the best Uzbekistan tours give those places plenty of attention, there’s so much more to this country. Try a new dish, like the exotic green noodles of Khiva (called shivit oshi), or learn how masters of Margilan make the intricate silk patterns for ikat textiles. Or maybe you want to go completely off the grid with a night in a traditional yurt in the desert, the way that nomads have lived for centuries, or into the oasis cities that fed the caravans of the Silk Road as they crossed the continent.

At the end of the day, there’s no substitute for experiencing Uzbekistan for yourself. No picture can capture the scale of the vast Kyzylkum Desert or the warmth of a traditional meal cooked by a local family, tasting of spices and the comfort of home. Uzbekistan is so unlike anywhere else, that a trip through this country is guaranteed to leave you with rich impressions and memories for a lifetime.

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